Alarm and Security

Alarm and Security

Redefining the Future of your Security, using Leading Innovations to create security solutions tailored to your needs with a single comprehensive security system.


As you go about your day, our System enables you to control your security system from any location and receive notifications regarding any status updates.


In the case of an Alarm event, you or your security provider will receive video clips and still images of your home, giving you the option to assess a potential threat and take the necessary actions. 

You can also initiate Live Video with the touch of a button to check on the safety of your Home and Family anytime.

Protect you home

For more safety in your home, Smart homes give you more control and security.

The system can signal by a phone call, message or on the audio speaker if you need to be aware what is ongoing in your home such as opened doors or opened windows before you are leaving your house or when you are away. 


Moreover, when you are away, the smart security system can:

– Switch off lights and TV

– Prevent water leaks and close the valves 

– React on Fire warnings  

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