Audio Visual​

There is so much can be done with Audio and Video in your Smart Home.

Whether you’re with family or friends, personalize Music in any room, turn on the party scene and stream 4K/8K Video with just one touch.


When evening falls, tap “Movie Night” in your Home scenes to soften the lights, let the shades go down and turn on your Tv. Your living room turns into a Home Cinema in no time!

BASALTE: our Solution for AV integration

In this session, BASALTE highlights the various benefits of a native BASALTE AV integration with KNX. During an exclusive inhouse tour at the BASALTE Concept house, their exclusive product range will be showcased to you in sync with KNX design keypads, premium speakers, amplifiers and other music solutions for residential Smart Homes.


The Asano Multiroom Audio System works natively with KNX without the need for a gateway or interface. Easy as that! Studio-quality music is accessible in every room. There is no need to compromise on other Home automation functions.


Music is a key part of our lives and BASALTE wants to bring it to the heart of the most important place in life: our Home.

Ellie: Our Smart Home wonder.

Ellie is an elegant touch-sensitive panel for Basalte Home. It is your go-to point to control lights, climate, music and more around the House. Thanks to its slim design and premium finish, Ellie blends in beautifully with any interior design. Handmade in Belgium.

Original BASALTE concept Home tour | Ghent, Belgium

Discover the latest trends in Smart Home automation in the BASALTE concept house.

This classic Villa was fully renovated and hosts a complete BASALTE Home automation system. Handmade in Belgium.

What you need to know about BASALTE

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