Lighting Control

Lighting Control design

Let your Home guide your steps. For your Perfect home ambient, we use DALI. The International Standard for Light Control, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface.


A dedicated protocol for digital lighting control that enables the easy and more cost-efficient installation of robust, scalable and flexible lighting networks.

Forgot to switch the lights off?

Efficient Light control assures that your lights are off when you leave or go to bed.

Turn off or Dim your lights easily with your phone or tablet from any place in the world.

Create light scenes for every occasion. Change the scene colour or intensity according to your mood with only one touch.

Stairs and Artwork

Chandeliers and grand staircases go together like wine and cheese, but the menu of ways to illuminate stairs has expanded dramatically in recent years. Illuminated handrails, hidden LEDs and linear step lights are among the best ways to stylishly light up your stairs.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to caring for your Artwork at Home. Properly lighting your Artwork can make all the difference when it comes to displaying it.

INTERIOR DESIGN | Lighting Design 101 Principles

Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design. A good lighting plan depends on the characteristics of the light source and how we distribute it in the space. So in this video, I want to share with you the basic principles of lighting design. I will provide you some tips, ideas, and concepts on how to light up any space like a pro.

Human Centric Lighting

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