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The Art of Automation
Residential & Commercial Buildings

Do you Love the magic of Technology? If Yes, then you are going to Love living in your unique Smart Home.

Moreover, when comfort, sophistication, safety and ease are key to your Dream home, ask for a real Intelligent Smart Home.


High end European craftsmanship and quality, the World Wide Standard in Smart Home Systems allows for:


– A future proof Technology
– Endless flexibility and personalization
– A safe and highly secure system
– Timesaving and easy installation
– An integrated solution


Want to know more about how Automation makes you and your Family live a Smarter Life? an easier and Better Life?

Planning and Technical Design

From the start to the end of the project, we work closely together, hand in hand with our Customers: Home Owners, Project Developers, Interior Designers and Electrical engineers to provide the best and the most cost-effective solution for their Smart Home or Building project.

Installation and Commissioning

On-site support at every phase. Supporting the professional team for the wiring, programming and installation. We ensure the success of every project as we take care of every detail, and as we make sure all test to the systems are performed before handling the project to the users.

Customer Service

Excellence in supporting our Customers through educational information and complete assistance. After installation, we introduce every detail to our Customers in a trusting environment allowing them to feel comfortable with every functionality.
Providing remote support and follow-ups with our Automation Experts.

Smart House Simulation

A Smart Home knows how to take care of tasks for you, based on presence, lifestyle and even the local weather and season, saving you and your love ones Hundreds of daily tasks done by your Smart Home.

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